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Product Information

Ghost Brackets has just released its newest brackets . This is by far the most advanced, forward thinking removable saddlebag system on the market today. In fact this design is so radically different there are additional separate patents pending for it. Please help us welcome the Generation (3) III Ghost Brackets
with the same quick release design as the older generation brackets the G3 offers far superior flexibility then ever before. It is completely adjustable in every direction. Here are some key features available with the Generation III Ghost Brackets.
Patented design.

  • Fast installation and removal.
  • No tools required.
  • Secure lockable system to keep your bags safe.
  • Your bike keeps a showroom look while your bags off.
  • Completely adjustable system. (NEW)
  • Once mounted the bags can be moved on most bike models front to back without re drilling holes in the saddlebags. (NEW)
  • In most cases the G3 Ghost Brackets can be moved and adopted from one bike to another without purchasing completely new set. Only a bolt and keeper kit for the new bike may be required. (NEW)
  • Dual stage powder coat finishing.
  • Top quality design and fabrication with attention to every detail for a superior product

The EDGE bags are not your average saddlebags. Completely reinforced in all critical points they scream leather yet function like hardbags. Most other bags only look good on the showroom floor but the moment they end up on your bike they start sagging under their own weight before you even put your gear inside. The EDGE bags are designed with attention to both function and looks alike and will hold their shape and attractive finish for unsurpassed longevity. This is extremely important especially for extra large bags. Furthermore the ultra strong quick-release buckles and internal pocket add simple yet often overlooked convenience. Combine them with Ghost Brackets and you have a complete package, a perfect bag with perfect mounting system. Here are some key features available with EDGE Hardmount Fully Reinforced Saddlebags.

  • A large variety of sizes and styles to meet avery ones needs
  • Wheel side of the bag is specialty unbreakable plastic
  • Every major panel is reinforced with ABS
  • Metal reinforced top rim covered in leather for superior strength and clean look
  • Rot proof stitching
  • Riveted stress points for strong reinforcement
  • Chrome-plated studs and buckles
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Superior specialty full grain and tek leather
  • Perfect companion for Ghost Brackets
  • Unsurpassed EDGE quality, design and workmanship.

These bags are universal and will work on almost any bike any almost any hardmount saddlebag system. They are 100% compatible with Ghost Brackets and will serve your traveling needs for years to come.

Molded Bag Bolt Kit Molded Bag Bolt Kit
Our price: $36.95
Antifreeze reservoir cover Antifreeze reservoir cover
Our price: $15.98
Yamaha Replacement Turn Signal (ROUND) Yamaha Replacement Turn Signal (ROUND)
Our price: $17.10
Master cylinder cover (Silver) Master cylinder cover (Silver)
Our price: $11.70
Honda Replacement Turn Signal (ROUND) Honda Replacement Turn Signal (ROUND)
Our price: $18.00
Caliper Covers for Valkyrie (pr) Caliper Covers for Valkyrie (pr)
Our price: $24.26
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